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Project Beer Bros packaging design

This presentation showcases our design and illustration work for The Beer Bros. limited-edition range of craft beers, 'Dark 'n' Dirty, Antique Willy & Balding Fish'. The design is a deliberate dichotomy that uses a classic retro aesthetic. It harks back to the 'gentlemanly' days of civilized drinking; but also uses text and headlines which poke fun at indulging in its excesses. The text was taken from old tabloid headlines & pull copy and juxtaposes them in a way that makes the resulting visual blend a comedy of dubious ambiguity and puzzling rhetoric.


Keeping in the theme of 1960's iconography, we used 3 retro-inspired mascots (All named 'Hoppy McHopface'– in itself a reference to Australian pop culture) to represent the 3 beers in the range. Each one was designed with a similar feel– smartly dressed, wearing a crown and bowtie, while each one is shown doing something related to the background text.


We also developed further promotional POS material using variations of the can graphics to extend the reach of the brand.

Packaging turnarounds

can turnaraound A_FINAL_BLACK.jpg
can turnaraound B_FINAL_BLACK.jpg
can turnaraound C_FINAL_BLACK.jpg

Drink Coasters

Bar Posters

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